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VIV Poppy Outflow (17mm and 13mm)
  • VIV Poppy Outflow (17mm and 13mm)

    A great way to brighten up your tank, making it a better place for fish and shrimp as well as plants that do not appreciate fast water movement.


    Unlike Lily Outflows (house brand and VIV) that create a horizontal current throughout the tank, these will create vertical convection-like current that is still fantastic for aquarium plants and will do a fine job at resolving stagnant dead spots.


    When mounted closer to the surface of the water, these Poppy Outflows do a fantastic job of disturbing the surface to dissolve more oxygen and break-up unsighly surface scum. They are signficantly better at keeping CO2 in the water than traditional airstones or bubblers and much quieter.


    Mounted deeper below the surface, these outflows are very effective at circulating water and CO2 while keeping water movement to a minimum for those delicate fish and shrimp that hail from stil-water habitats.


    For the best results, use these with the matching VIV Poppy Intake.

    • VIV Glassware

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      If you want the best of the best for your aquarium, you really can't go wrong with VIV!


      All VIV glassware is made from thick, optical quality glass treated with proprietary methods and materials which makes them easy to clean and less likely to scratch or shatter.


      You will not be dissappointed!


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