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Wave Scissors
  • Wave Scissors

    These "S" shaped wave scissors are amazingly effective for trimming the tops of your plants quickly. and allow you to quickly tame a jungle of stem plants for a neat and even cut that looks amazing!


    They are also indispensible if you have groundcover such as HC Cuba, Glosso, Pearl Grass, Monte Carlo, MasileaEleocharis mini, Dwarf Sag or Juncus as well and others such as Staurogyne repens.


    Wave scissors allow you to get parallel to your plants so you can trim them quickly without the awkward dips and potential "bald spots" that normal scissors could cause. If you have a groundcover or stem plants you would like to trim often, these scissors will save you a ton of time and make your life a lot easier.


    Our wave scissors are made from high quality steel with precision milled cutting edges and protected with a rust-proof coating designed to last you a lifetime of use. 


    Choice of Chrome or Matte Black protective finish.


    Size: 25cm/10"

      PriceFrom $16.95

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